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World of Azerotica

Since i took down my WoW Patchzer mods, Due to The Activision Blizzard Lawsut were the Final straw for me for Blizzard.
I've had people ask if i could make them available or give them a private download link.
or if they could use them as part of Their Private server.

One of such is the Private servers were "Azerotica" by Snowcraft.
Which is the one i Play on.

I have also been thinking of Making my old WoW Patchzer's available again but only for Older WoW Private servers, such as "Turtle WoW", but not Retail.
I don't think I'll make new skins for the MPQ packages... unless there is a Demand and Need for them, as i have Many things to work on for Terraria and Azerotica.
Yes, I'm making new Skins for Azerotica Private Server's HD Models

If your interasted in Knowing more of or Joining the Azerotica Private Server: Go here

Zilem - 2023

USSR's Invasion of Ukraine

Well with USSR's Invasion of Ukraine, (well let's be honest it is hard to not see it as such with Belarus being involved)
I've block access from USSR Contries and anyone supporting thier invasion or lies.
I know it is not much, but it is what i can do.

Zilem - 2022

California Lawsuit on Blizzard-Activision's culture of constant sexual harassment

Due to this lawsuit and what it contains, I have taken my Blizzard things Down.
This is the absolutely final straw for me!

Zilem - 2021


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