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USSR's Invasion of Ukraine

Well with USSR's Invasion of Ukraine, (well let's be honest it is hard to not see it as such with Belarus being involved)
I've block access from USSR Contries and anyone supporting thier invasion or lies.
I know it is not much, but it is what i can do.

Zilem - 2022

California Lawsuit on Blizzard-Activision's culture of constant sexual harassment

Due to this lawsuit and what it contains, I have taken my Blizzard things Down.
This is the absolutely final straw for me!

Zilem - 2021


Steam Paid Mods Desaster

The paid-mods disaster happened on Steam and it Showed me a side of modding i didn't expect to see....
especially when something like "second life" exist!
and reading what modders wrote, some were interesting reads, some were sad even depressing to read.
It makes you think; why do you mod?. why do you use countless hours on it?, doesn't it.

Modding for near 10 years, with more then 3 million Downloads, since i launched the site
where of most being of WoW Mods

Zilem - 2015

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