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What is the World of Azerotica?

Azerotica is a Wrath of the Lichking Private server, it's a Erotic-RolePlay-PvE
Where Players of Horde and Alliance can Group, Trade, Quest and do Dungeons together.
Level cap of 60 With access to Kalimdor & Eastern Kingdom and their Dungeons and Raids.
but not Outlands or Northrend.

New Features:
> Alliance & Horde Players, able to Join Party/Raid together, to Trade, Quest and to do Dungeons & Raids.
> HD Models.
> Playable Broken Draenei
> Nude skins & Erotic outfits being part of the content.

With some of the Good parts of Cataclysm:
> No Cataclysm rewamps of the old zones.
> Goblin Joining the Horde.
> Gilneas (Worgen) Joining the Alliance.
> Transmorging (of anything your able to wield and wear)
> New Steamweedle Towns: Fuselight and Bogpaddle.

New Race Options:
> Human: Hunter.
> Dwarf: Shaman, Mage, Warlock.
> Nightelf: Paladin, Mage.
> Gnome: Paladin, Priest, Hunter.
> Broken Draenei: Warrior, Hunter, Rogue, Shaman, Mage, Warlock.
> Worgen: Paladin.
> Orc: Mage.
> Forsaken: Hunter.
> Tauren: Paladin, Priest.
> Troll: Druid, Warlock.
> Bloodelf: Warrior.

In Development:
> Gilneas as a Zone.
> Broken Draenei racial Traits.
> Start outfits for Worgen & Broken Draenei.
> Draenie Rogue.
> Playable Highelves on Alliance.
> Lower Silverpine forest Rewamp for Worgens & Syndicates.
> HD Patchzer nude skins (by Zilem)
and many more things still in Development for more features and Bug fixings.

Signing up to Join the Azerotica Private Server

First you'll have To Create an Account, to do this, go Signup for it

You will need a Wrath Client (v3.3.5), in order to play on the server.
but also have to Download the additioan MPQ's Required.
(Alternatively Download the Client from there too)

If you didn't Download the Client you have to manually change the
with this "set realmlist"
(Which can be found inside: Data\enUS\ or Data\enGB\)

W.I.P. Azerotica Patchzer Skins

Azerotica is Looking for Devs

If your a Creative of mind and want to assist in Developing Azerotic
Snowcraft is Looking for people in These Categories and Skills:

Programming: C++, Lua, SQL.
Model Editing: Character & NPC Models shapes, UV Editing, Animations.
Artists are also welcome.
If Your interasted you can Contact Snowcraft on the Azerotica Development Discord.