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California Lawsuit on Blizzard-Activision's culture of constant sexual harassment

Due to this lawsuit and what it contains, I have taken my Blizzard things Down.
This is the absolutely final straw for me!


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Mists of Pandaria: SoundsCache Method

Go to your wow's Data folder's Cache Folder (World of Warcraft\Data\Cache\*) and then the Local folder inside
(Which can be called: "enUS" "enGB" "deDE" "frFR" "ruRU" and so on)

Every file named "patch-xxXX-#####.MPQ" can be replaced Replaced with a Custom MPQ

All files in "World of Warcraft\Data\Cache\*" can be Replaced with a Custom MPQ
Interface Content won't be loaded unless the Custom MPQ are at "World of Warcraft\Data\Cache\